Summer Camps

Summer represents an excellent opportunity for your son or daughter to pursue or build upon a skill, talent or interest. Or discover entirely new experiences. There are thousands of summer options throughout the United States and around the world – including academic enhancement programs, travel adventures, community service projects, sports clinics and arts programs.

We can help you and your child evaluate these opportunities and match them to your son’s or daughter’s personal interests, needs and goals. We accept no fees from any of these programs, so our recommendations are completely unbiased. Here are some of the possibilities:

Community service projects

Help underprivileged and undeveloped communities abroad – or help improve things here in the United States.

Summer schools

Get ahead academically or catch up – take classes in a boarding school environment, with summer fun in the afternoons.

International programs

Live with a family in Spain, Italy or France – or travel village-to-village by bike – and get academic credits.

Classic summer camps

Pursue sports, arts and other skills – coed or girls or boys only.

Specialty Camps

Computers, space, science, visual and performing arts, confidence-building, weight-loss, etc.

Adventure in the Outdoors

Live in a tent, climb a glacier, travel the world, camp in the woods, navigate rapids on raft or kayak… and more.