Gwynne has an uncanny understanding of the needs of students and an unfailing belief in their potential. She is respected by school heads and is trusted by parents. Her expertise ranges from the therapeutic schools to the traditional schools. She is simply one of the best in the business.

Frederick H. Wandelt III,
Former Admissions Director, The Taft School,
Watertown, Connecticut

I am an attorney and have dealt with many professionals of all different kinds over 35 years. Rarely, have I seen such sensitivity, competence, and objectivity combined so effectively in one person as I saw with Gwynne. We were most fortunate to be put in contact with her

Scarsdale, New York

Gwynne’s innate ability to find the right program for young people with special needs is of tremendous value to families looking for help.

Elliot Sainer,
Former CEO, Aspen Education Group,
Cerritos, California

Gwynne has the amazing ability to make people feel instantly at ease, as if they’ve known her all their life!

Ethna Hopper,
Educational Consultant,
Washington, DC

During a very stressful time, when our teen was in need of an appropriate school to continue his growth with supervision, Mark at Great Lakes was able to work with our specific needs and guide us into a decision that has worked very well for our son. After making a bad decision by ourselves to send him to a school, we really understand now the value that Mark’s guidance can provide. His knowledge of each school’s abilities not only saved us time, but turned a questionable decision into the right decision.

Previous parent

We are so grateful to have Gwynne in our lives during this very stressful time; we could not have made decisions with out her. What Gwynne does is amazing…it is really a talent. She has tremendous resources and loads of energy. We have many rewards from working with her – and hope she continues helping families for a very long time.

Hinsdale, Illinois

Our family's debilitating struggles have become transforming opportunities for growth and we owe that to one person - Mark Parlett. Work with him: he will make a difference in your life, your child's life and the future for your entire family.

Current parent

When a parent picks up the phone and calls Great Lakes, the person they most often might come in contact with is Jolene. As the administrative placement coordinator, Jolene makes the impossible seem easy and has a unique ability to help you navigate the various details necessary to get your child to a placement. Jolene is insightful, understanding, knowledgeable, and has a mother's heart. After the placement, Jolene is readily available to help whenever needed. Her "can do" attitude and sense of humor as well as her compassion and kindness make what can be a very difficult time so much better. We feel very blessed to have worked with Jolene and hope that she will continue to offer support to Great Lakes families for a long time!

Previous parent

Gwynne’s ability to communicate with parents and assess the educational and emotional needs of a student is outstanding. She truly loves working with people, listening to their needs and providing guidance.

Phyllis Steinbrecher,
Former Educational Consultant, Steinbrecher & Partners,
Westport, Connecticut

Gwynne truly believes in the potential of young men and women. She provides parents with knowledge in a compassionate, dedicated way, so they feel at confident going through the decision-making process. Nobody is better versed in assisting families through the complexities of the therapeutic and traditional boarding schools.

Frederick H. Wandelt III,
Former Admissions Director, The Taft School,
Watertown, Connecticut

Whenever I have a really challenging placement, I call Gwynne. She has never failed me.

Frances Yelen, PhD.,
Educational Consultant,
Coral Gables, Florida

Mark knows wilderness therapy. Working with programs for over 17 years, being involved on so many levels, Mark has developed a truly unique insight. He has a fundamental understanding of the role of wilderness therapy, a critical eye for programs and the ability to judge the best fit for kids and families.

Program Director

Gwynne has been trained by the best in the business. Indeed, her experience, both from the consulting and delivery of care perspective, has provided Gwynne with a big advantage in an ever increasing complex world of placing children.

Jared U. Balmer, Ph.D.,
Executive Director/Owner of Waypoint Academy,
Huntsville, Utah

Our family was in crisis and Gwynne was there for us when we needed her. She immediately assessed the situation and found us an appropriate placement for our child. She advocated for him, assuring that he got the therapists and teachers best suited for his needs. Her services did not stop at the initial placement. She has followed our child throughout his growth and been with us every step of the way as he moves closer to high school graduation and college. When Gwynne takes on a family, she commits 100%. It is the best investment we’ve ever made.

Breckinridge, Colorado